Eliminate blindspots that impact your organization's security and performance.

Ixia’s solutions are based on a strong visibility architecture that lets you access traffic of all types from all locations with speed and accuracy, centrally process that traffic to get the data your tools need, and deliver that data with unsurpassed efficiency and reliability.

Enterprises, government agencies, educational institutions, and service providers all need total visibility, without blind spots, to effectively manage:

  • Network Security, both inline and out-of-band
  • Network and Application Performance Monitoring

Ixia’s powerful visibility engine—based on our industry-leading products and feature sets—uses performance acceleration, lossless processing, and a extremely easy-to-use management interface to deliver value in four important areas. 

Ixia Visibility Architecture offers benefits for Network Security and Performance Monitoring

Industry Leading Visibility with Vision ONE


Deployment Scenarios for Visibility Solutions

Visibility solves challenges in Network Security (both inline and out-of-band) and Performance Monitoring. Learn more about these deployment options.


Intelligent Visibility


Out of Band Monitoring
Visibility powered by an intelligent security fabric improves the accuracy of out-of-band network, application, and security monitoring, including NPM, APM, SIEM, IDS, etc.

Resilient Security


Inline Security Resilience
Failsafe visibility to physical, virtual, and encrypted traffic maximizes the value of your firewall, intrusion prevention system, malware protection, and other security appliances. 

Security Architecture: Ixia's Visibility Engine

  • Ixia Security Fabric provides access to traffic across your network.


    You want access to data everywhere it exists in your network, not just where a network switch is located. With a combination of fiber, copper, and virtual taps, Ixia Security Fabric provides you with 100% access to physical, virtual, public and private cloud traffic with higher reliability than using only SPAN ports. And even during high-volume traffic conditions, Ixia gives your security and monitoring tools total visibility to network traffic, with zero packet loss.

    Learn more about Network Access

  • Ixia Security Fabric supports failsafe inline security inspection.


    You need failsafe security solutions to maximize your defenses and protect network availability. Whether you experience a hardware or software failure, or just need to take a tool offline for maintenance, Ixia bypass switches can route traffic around any security tool that is unavailable or route traffic to an alternate device. With the industry's fastest near-instant recovery, Ixia Security Fabric ensures your security solutions operate continuously.

    Learn more about Inline Security Resilience.

  • Ixia Security Fabric has a powerful engine that recognizes metadata and can isolate Netflow information.


    Ixia Security Fabric uses a powerful, hardware-based processing engine to send the right data to the right tools, at line rate speed. NetStack and PacketStack functionality enable the engine to isolate and filter traffic based on metadata; generate NetFlow data; and provide deduplication, packet trimming, and data masking. AppStack functionality supports filtering based on application, geolocation, browser, device, or any other user-defined parameter.  

    Learn more about Context-Aware Data Processing.

  • Ixia Security Fabric offloads SSL for faster security inspection.


    Ixia Security Fabric helps keep your defenses strong with unique security features. SecureStack functionality provides passive SSL decryption to offload your security tools and help them work more efficiently. PacketStack functionality supports compliance by masking sensitive information like credit card and social security numbers. In addition, Ixia offers a hardware-based threat intelligence solution that blocks traffic from IP addresses associated with malware, viruses, and other attacks, so it never even enters your network.

    Learn more about Threat Intelligence


"Ixia’s solutions outperformed the competitors we reviewed, offering an industry leading GUI, dynamic filtering, and improved network responsiveness."

Cam Beasley, Chief Information Security Officer, University of Texas

"The Ixia solution has cut the time it takes to diagnose performance problems from days to hours."

Ross Jones, Network Manager at Cook Children's Health

"We were able to start using the Ixia NTO series right away, without any special training. It’s extremely easy to use."

Ryutato Inoue, Manager, Network Security at Yahoo Japan Corporation

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