Data center convergence, enterprise expansion, and new service deployments require you to combine many different technologies—including physical and virtualized devices—into a single network infrastructure. Such networks must handle massive amounts of traffic, while delivering the quality of experience that mission critical applications demand.

Network equipment manufacturers need to be positive that their equipment can handle the infrastructure needs of a complex network. Service providers and enterprises also want to stress their data center and network infrastructure to ensure that they can support traffic volumes with high quality of service.

Thought Leadership

To help you prove applications, devices, and services meet business targets, Ixia created a 360° test architecture. It combines both end-to-end testing with continuous testing to ensure the expected levels of reliability, speed, and security.

360 Degree Testing Diagram

End-To-End Testing

End-to-end testing spans every port, machine, and device your application touches—from your data center infrastructure to your customer’s end devices. We help you test at every level: your device’s processor, its data connection, your application, and the network on which you host it. Ixia Test Architecture solutions enable you to test and validate the scale and performance of the network and the quality of experience of every step in your application’s journey.


Continuous Testing

Continuous testing ensures your application and network are always available and ready. We discover issues before others do—in development, deployment, and operations. Continuous testing helps detect vulnerabilities you might not see in development and verifies operation even after deploying critical patches and updates. Keep your applications alive and operating at peak performance with Ixia Test Architecture.



Ixia’s test products ensure that your applications and services will run reliably, fast, and securely through comprehensive 360° test throughout their lifecycle. Ixia is the only test partner with a comprehensive testing portfolio that covers physical, virtual, wi-fi, and device testing end‑to‑end.

IxTest Diagram

Test as a Service and Other Options

With accelerated project deadlines and increasingly demanding quality requirements, QA labs at equipment makers, service providers and large enterprises are under tremendous pressure. The good news is that Keysight professional services can help.


Let us give you a hand with:


  • Test as a Service
  • Automation
  • Consulting
  • Training
  • And much more!

Learn more about Keysight Professional Services.

Keysight Professional Services

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