Ixia Solution Architectures

The Ixia Solution Architectures provide confidence your products, applications, and networks are high performing, reliable and secure.

Ixia Test
Test Architecture

Ensure your product, application, and network can handle the latest protocols, most dynamic loading, and range of wireless operations before and after you deploy. Better testing results in improved reliability.

Ixia Security
Security Architecture

Security for your application before, during, and after you deploy. Ixia provides realistic attacks before you deploy, targeted cyber training to prepare your team, and tools to monitor and enhance security performance in operation.

Ixia Visibility
Visibility Architecture

Visibility into your network’s real-time operations whether in physical, virtual, or hybrid environments. Improve your reliability and security with improved visibility.

These solutions architectures have evolved from years of being on the forefront of testing infrastructures, protocols, and port speeds for the security and networking industries. Ixia is the first and only stop most networking and security companies use to validate their products and Ixia Labs ensures we stay ahead on the latest technologies.

Test, Security, and Visibility Pillars


Whether you are developing secure software, training your team to monitor activity, or defending your operational network, we deliver comprehensive expertise and technologies to increase your reliability and security.

Test devices, connections, and applications in addition to your network. Gain visibility by intelligently monitoring your network and application traffic, and actively live test your reliability without impacting operations. Start securing your products in development, training your team to handle attacks, and defending only where you need to.

Solutions Overview Brochure

Comprehensive overview of Ixia’s solutions across test, security, and visibility.  This brochure takes you through voice, video, IoT and mobility testing.  In addition, it covers security testing, security resilience and threat intelligence gateways.