Strengthen Network Security and Data Protection

Prevent service disruption and breaches

Ixia Network Security solutions gather, filter, and prepare raw packet data for processing by intrusion prevention, intrusion detection, security forensics, and other specialized security solutions. Ixia helps your security tools work faster and more efficiently, to strengthen security and save you money.

Ixia Network Security test solutions let you simulate realistic, high-volume traffic with embedded threats and attacks. You can validate your network security infrastructure and create a cyber range practice platform for your staff. 

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Ixia 2019 Security Report

2019 Security Report

Ixia just released its third annual security study—the Ixia 2019 Security Report. This report combines lessons learned in 2018 with impactful predictions for 2019. Both the data and the predictions are based upon research conducted by Ixia’s Application and Threat Intelligence (ATI) Research Center.

Read this report now to learn what the top five network security issues were in 2018 and what the ATI center predicts will be the top six threats to watch for in 2019.

Enable Network Security with Total Visibility

Ixia helps you reduce the risk of a security attack by providing 100% visibility to all your network traffic--from physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructure. And Ixia's network visibility platform offers self-healing security resilience, so security monitoring is continuous and never disrupted. 

Ixia gives you the visibility you need to protect your enterprise.

Boost Performance of Security Solutions

Ixia Security Architecture uses context awareness to let you select the data you send to each security solution based on application, user, device type, and geo-location. Less data to process means solutions work more efficiently. Ixia threat intelligence lets you block traffic to or from malicious sites. Ixia's intelligent routing and load balancing functions also help you manage the flow of data to your network security solutions and optimize their performance. 

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Test and Train Cyber Security Skills

Ixia Network Security Test solutions let you generate realistic, high-volume traffic embedded with active threats. Use simulations to validate your security systems and create a cyber range platform for your staff to practice their cyber security skills and attack response. 

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Special Use Cases for Network Security

“Ixia dramatically reduced our storage costs by filtering out unimportant traffic before sending it to the forensic probes for processing.”

Director Information Security, Large Middle Eastern Bank

“We chose Ixia BreakingPoint because it is the simplest to use and most comprehensive security test on the market.”

Information Security Architect, Large US Bank

“Ixia allowed us to end-to-end test a new IPTV monitoring system we were about to deploy and helped us uncover some vulnerabilities before we went live.”

Director of QA, Large German Telecom

Let us help you see deeper inside your network to identify and address vulnerabilities.