Wireless has become your primary business connection

More than 10 billion mobile devices have become the primary connection for business-critical apps and services. Yet few enterprises test their wireless networks and devices for connection quality and security. The more business world takes wireless performance for granted, the higher the cost of service interruption.

Continual upgrades from Long Term Evolution (LTE) cellular, 802.11a, b, ac, n, and emerging technologies like 5G, MU-MIMO, and 802.11ax require end-to-end, continuous testing. Ixia mobility tests and monitoring validate all your wireless technologies.

Students on mobile devices
Data access in your virtual environment

Tapping Into Your Virtual Data

Your security is only as good as the data it sees. You rely on your network security tools to analyze and protect your data. Our visibility solutions provide access to east-west data, and distribute it to the right security and monitoring tools at the right time. We provide more than just copies of raw data to your security, analytics and performance tools in any virtual environment—we filter what is relevant to the user or tool at the source.

The combination of Ixia virtual taps and virtual packet brokers delivers the total visibility you need. The  virtual visibility tools supports packet and application flow filtering, NetFlow generation with advanced application identification and geographic location, secure sockets layer (SSL) decryption, load balancing, and many advanced packet processing capabilities, like deduplication, header stripping, and fragmentation.

Device Testing

IOT Device Testing

Stress test your mobile device’s processor, operating system, application performance, connectivity, roaming, and range. Find vulnerabilities before someone else does.

Access point testing

WLAN Infrastructure Testing

Stress test your Wi-Fi access points. Push them to the breaking point on traffic volume, throughput, connection capacity, and application performance.

Campus network

Campus Network Fault Isolation

Actively monitor network performance and availability with Hawkeye. When issues arise, identify, quantify, and resolve them—before they reach your customers.

Test Your Connection



“Ixia’s solutions outperformed competitors to ensure the information security of our campus network and the existence of a safe and reliable computing environment for research.” 

Chief Information Security Officer, Major North American University

“Enterprise collaboration tools have become a critical part of today’s working culture, and with the rise of BYOD, a good experience on mobile devices is essential.”

Todd Haugen, Group Manager of Skype Wi-Fi, Microsoft

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