Real world experience

Develop the best cyber warfare professionals by giving them hands-on experience grappling with the enemy, their techniques, and their view of the IT world:


  • Blue Team (Defensive): Learn to defend your organization against distributed denial of service (DDoS), advanced persistent threat (APT), web application threats, and other attacks
  • Red Team (Attacking): Learn various offensive techniques,  stay updated with current attacks and get into the hacker mindset to improve your defense
Keysight Cyber Range Key Drivers
Ixia Cyber Range: A Complete Solution

Emulate Evaluate Educate

  • Hands-on, structured course with progress status
  • Orchestration of environment
  • Build a unique cyber range using your choice of network or security devices
  • Software-defined topology
  • Real-time analytics, assessments, and scoring
  • New attack scenarios provided by Ixia's threat intelligence research every other week
  • New malware added every day!
Application and Threat Intelligence (ATI) Service

The ATI service is exclusively used in Ixia’s cyber range to simulate realistic traffic conditions and relevant attacks. This enables ongoing and always current training via ATI's bi-weekly release of new attacks that include exploits, DDoS, phishing, live malware, and applications. Keysight's ATI is built based on real-time threat feeds that we manage 24 x 7 x 365. The ATI team is spread across the globe and constantly monitoring the current activities and threats. Our team has been conducting these activities for over 15 years. All attacks are launched by Ixia's flagship security traffic generation solution, BreakingPoint.

  • New applications and exploits added every other week to recreate realistic Internet environment
  • New high severity malware added daily, enhancing the red team arsenal
  • 200+ evasion techniques make exploits and malware difficult to find for the blue team


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