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All major network equipment manufacturers rely on Ixia to help keep them on the cutting edge. With development cycles increasingly compressed, network vendors need the right test and test automation framework in place to meet tough demands. The last thing you need is another proprietary automation solution.

With Ixia, you can make the best use of your current staff and lab environment. We design our tools to be easy to use as well as support open source APIs. And our QuickTest industry-standard validations, software-defined labs, and automation architecting and scripting services help accelerate your products to market.

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IxNetworkInfrastructure Test

Automate network load testing using Tcl, Python, Perl, Robot API language support, IxNetwork includes robust REST API with JSON import/export and prepackaged, industry-standard QuickTest methodologies for Layer 2/3 validation.

IxLoadApplication Test

Automate the widest range of application load testing using Tcl, Python, Perl, and Robot API language support.  IxLoad includes REST API support and prepackaged, industry-standard QuickTest methodologies for Layer 4-7 validation.  

BreakingPointSecurity Test

Automating security tests using Tcl, Python, and Robot APIs helps keep your network more secure. BreakingPoint includes REST API support and prepackaged, industry-standard QuickTest methodologies for network security validation. 




Modern development test environments need modern automation technologies like REST APIs, JSON data models, Robot keywords, and the Python programming language. Regardless of the complexity, Ixia test tools are able to quickly run individual tests providing results as part of an automated environment. Whether you are running traditional scripted test cases or creating new tests, you need automation support for all of your programming APIs, including low-level and high-level Tcl and Perl.


Industry standards for testing, such as RFC 2544, are an effective way to validate and benchmark network devices and systems. These standardized test methodologies define best practices for testing various use cases so you want to integrate them into your automated test environment. Ixia’s QuickTests speed testing by providing these standardized tests in easy-to-use, repeatable packages with the flexibility to test complex configurations and network topologies using either physical or virtual test ports.



Automate the Lab

Continuous integration and deployment are making automation an imperative, but the sophisticated and expensive equipment required is often located in silos around the company, underutilized and inaccessible to many. Using NFV/SDN to create and deploy virtualized networks that span private and public clouds adds complexity. With Ixia’s Software-Defined Labs solution you’ll maximize investment in the resources used by the organization by transforming your lab into a self-service, on-demand automated environment that manages physical and virtual resources.


In a CI/CT/CD DevOps environment, the construction and configuration of the testbed needs to be completely orchestrated and automated.  Whether you are working in a physical lab, virtual lab, or some hybrid environment that includes physical devices, private clouds, and public clouds, Ixia’s Software-Defined Labs (SDL) automation and management solution helps you maximize your investment and minimize test cycles. The SDL solution quickly integrates seamlessly into your DevOps tool chain supporting fast, continuous test cycles.

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Ixia’s team of professionals have been at the forefront in designing and implementing the industry's widest array of test methodologies and automation frameworks. Our experienced Solution Architects, Professional Services, and Scripting Services teams will help you craft the ideal automation solution that addresses your specific goals.  We will create entire solutions from a variety of proven products, or simply accelerate the integration of our test tools into your custom automation framework. Let us help you start and stay on the path to successful automation and avoid the most common pitfalls that cause automation projects to fail.