Key Features
  • 50/50, 60/40, 70/30, 80/20 and 90/10 split ratios supported
  • Support speeds from 1G to 400G
  • Fully modular product - anywhere between 1 and 36 taps in a 1U 19 inch rack
  • LC, MTP and BiDi deployments supported. Single Mode and Multi Mode models
  • "Mix and Match" different speeds and fiber types in one chassis
  • Delivers low insertion loss to minimize impact on data flows
  • Prepopulated chassis with either 8, 16 or 24 modules available at a discount
  • Patch Tap offers deployment flexibility and ad hoc tapping

Visibility on Tap - Optical Fiber Taps

Problem: sacrificing performance for security

These days, organizations demand reliable, continuous visibility into network traffic. But network monitoring and security tools can lead to network performance degradation and disruption if not used carefully. This presents a unique challenge to today’s enterprises, government agencies, and service providers: how to achieve total traffic visibility for network monitoring and security tools without introducing points of failure in the network.

Solution: A flexible and scalEAble solution for 100% visibility

Built using fiber-optics, Ixia Flex Tap fiber taps deliver 100% visibility into network traffic and permanent, passive access points while preserving top network performance. That’s because each tap in the Ixia Flex Tap™ family is modular and can support network speeds of up to 400Gbps, and is 100% passive. At the same time, Flex Taps allow you to effectively monitor network performance, avoiding issues of degradation and disruption. Flex Taps are also versatile: each is compatible with all protocols and monitoring devices, and can be deployed at any inline connection on the network without increasing overhead or management workflows. Flex Taps consist of a base chassis unit that can tap to 36 LC links, or 12 MTP based modules.

Passive fiber taps such as Ixia Flex Taps are very secure as once inserted in a network. They are always live and cannot be 'hacked' and disabled. A key aspect of selecting the right tap for the job is the calculation of a 'light budget' that confirms that a passive tap will not lead to any dropped packets on the network being monitored.

Why Ixia

IT professionals buy Ixia Flex Taps, due to:

  • Ixia has the largest range of tap types of any vendor - (Speeds from 1Gbps to 400Gbps, Single mode and Multi mode, and connector/fiber types including Cisco BiDi). See data sheet for complete listing of Flex Tap modules including the new Flex Tap VHD module which provides up to 36 taps in a 19inch 1U space
  • Ixia has thousands of taps in stock and can quickly ship high volumes if required
  • Ixia's ability to deliver through a network of global Channel Partners
  • Quality products - thorough testing from design through production ensure top performance
  • Technical Innovation - Ixia was the first to offer a modular tap - "Flex Tap" and continues to innovate with products such as the Flex Tap Secure+ which provides an enhanced security for the most sensitive of applications
  • Wide choice of supporting cables - see "Y Cables Matter" Blog
Ixia Flex Tap LC - Optical Fiber Network Tap

Standard Flex Tap Module - LC Connectors

Learn More

To learn more about optical tap deployments, including light budgets, we invite you to read the solution brief "Flex Tap Insertion Loss Calculator." We also have a detailed blog post on calculating optical tap light budgets, "Dark Secrets of Light Budgets" that we invite you to read.